Product Community® Cohort

What You Get for Your Investment

  1. Revenue. Grow and diversify revenue by applying the content, tools, processes, and ideas to create new (or multiple) market-ready products.
  2. Engagement. Meet and engage with other leading association innovators who are also bringing new products to market.
  3. Growth. Master the six product community competencies and four dimensions of growth.
  4. New Markets. Gain a deeper understanding your members, identify and reach new markets, and engage them with new value.
  5. Applicability. Apply the repeatable product community® framework across your association.
  6. Community. Join a unique, longitudinal community of innovation leaders who are helping to create the association of the future.
  7. Culture. Transform your association into a cross-boundary, high-impact innovation culture.
  8. Credential. Earn the Certificate in Association Product Development! 

  1. WHEN • Three year-long cohorts offered annually (January, May, September)
    •  Meet live, online 3-4 times per month
    •  Additional product consultations
  2. WHATActionable curriculum
    •  Competency-based learning community
    •  Master the four dimensions of growth
    •  Access to over 35 tools + frameworks
  3. WHO Expert facilitation
    •  Facilitated live by the product community founder, James Young. Guest spots by leading association innovators
  4. HOW Build products
    •  Deepen relationships with members
    •  Build new products with business model, value prop, roadmap, product KPIs, and go-to-market + scale plan
  5. WHERE Live +  interactive
    •  Build a work-related product at work and on your own time
  6. HOW MUCHValue-based pricing
    •  Starting at $7495
    •  Discounts for teams and first-timers

What Will I Learn?

The Product Community® Competencies

Everyone who joins and participates in the product community will master the six product community competencies:

  1. Culture • Products drive trust
  2. Vision • Products are anticipatory
  3. Customer • Products solve problems
  4. Design + Build • Products are optimized
  5. Go to Market • Products are in-demand
  6. Performance • Products are indispensable

The Product Community® Yearlong Curriculum

By participating in the yearlong cohort, you will also become conversant in the four dimensions of growth: discover for growth, build for growth, delivery for growth, and measure for growth. Here is an outline of sample topics, sample tools, output, and outcomes.

The Product Community® Yearlong Experience Organized by the Four Dimensions of Growth

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Product Community®

Insights Newsletter

Weekly content on association product communities.

  • Timely + authoritative
  • Help shape the dialogue
  • Build + sustain momentum
  • Immediately applicable
Starting at $495

Product Community®


Live + engaging 4-6 hour workshops or 3 month courses.

  • Learn about: positioning, pricing, growth + scale, competition, business models, and go to market
  • Experiential + case-based
  • Collaborative + applied
  • Immediately usable
  • Gain access to like-minded innovators
Starting at $7495

Product Community®

Yearlong Cohort Experience

Our premier, highest impact offering.

Learn more
  • Learn + apply the Product Community® framework.
  • Develop +  bring to market new products
  • Master the 6 competencies
  • Create repeatable processes to extend value long after the experience
  • Join a perpetual innovation community

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