by: Steve Kovar

It’s become common knowledge that faster is better; now is better than later. While this is easily provable. It’s also oversimplified. 

The world moves incredibly rapidly. Standing still is no longer acceptable and keeping pace isn’t enough. However, focusing solely on short-term revenue is a trap. It keeps your association on a hamster wheel.

Incorporating a product community into your association will help you grasp that one year is much faster than you think it is. Why?

  1. It’s based in sound vision
  2. It’s clearer
  3. It’s cultural
  4. It increases your chances of success
  5. It’s collaborative and cross boundary
  6. It’s integrated
  7. It’s cheaper
  8. It’s how to succeed at innovation
  9. It’s easier [and simpler]
  10. It’s repeatable

Yes, entering into the product community requires time, commitment, continuous learning, and a change in thinking. That’s half the fun. 

If you think one year is way too slow, make a list of what you achieved in the previous year. Do your accomplishments contribute to growth? Are they innovative? Do they help to change your culture? 

Also, consider how quickly you can bring a new product or program to market. Yes, it’s possible to bring a new podcast or webinar to market quickly, but are these products built on a product framework? Do you know the ideal market for the product? Do you struggle with understanding your customers? Do you have standard product processes? Are these processes repeatable? Are you confident in your product market fit? 

What is your confidence level of your members’ confidence in you?

What change can you make today? How will it play out twelve months from now?

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